Dana Stamos

Dana Stamos is a web and graphic designer and the Managing Editor of L&L Magazine.

Alphaville Film Review

Back To the Future: After Half a Century Godard’s Lovingly Restored Sci Fi Classic Alphaville Returns To the Big Screen One of my favorite genres depicts dystopian sci fi societies, wherein humans fight to be free from futuristic fascism. On the page, George Orwell’s terrifying 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World are the greatest […]

Gordon Richiusa – Renaissance Man

Dana Stamos: Everyone recognizes your name from the hundreds of published articles you write about other people, especially martial artists. You have partnered with people like Jhoon Rhree, Alfred Urquidez and Frank Dux to create the Legends and Legacies series on USAdojo.com and you have interviewed many of the greatest martial artists of the past and the […]