Bifocal Review: Trainwreck


Bifocal Reviews: Trainwreck

Trainwreck Bifocal Review by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy

(BR): I found this film funny. However, it was too crude, too raw for my tastes. Amy is funny to me, has a great, quick delivery without always having to go to the same well for every punch line. I love the fact that she’s comfortable in her own skin, and I think she is a positive role model, in this regard for all women. Whatever anyone can do to help others become comfortable with themselves’, is great by me. It’s not that she makes every joke about sex…she doesn’t, but when she does the lewdness overshadows. After two hours of this, I’ve had more than my share and I’m not left wanting more. I can enjoy Amy Schumer in small doses…an HBO Special perhaps, that I can pause and return to over the course of a week or a month, but a movie? Not so much. That’s just one lens on this Bifocal Review, just my opinion. I give this one two binoculars.

(OG): Here’s what I think: Amy Schumer is Mae West for the millennial generation. Now that I think of it, she even looks like Ms. West! I was not disappointed with this film, because I didn’t go into it expecting any more than what I got. It’s a good way to pass two hours of time, and then, when people ask (and this seems to be inevitable these days) “Did you see Trainwreck? Isn’t Amy funny?” I can answer, “Yes,” to cover both questions and then move quickly on to another topic. I will be slightly more generous than Barbara on this one and give TRAINWRECK 2 and 1/2 binoculars. Men, see this movie to get a glimpse on how modern women, probably really think.

Trainwreck—Directed by Judd Apatow, written by and starring Amy Schumer/ also starring Bill Hader, with Marisa Tomei, Tilda Swinton/rated R 2 hrs 5 mins/

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