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L & L Magazine, dedicated to both Five Principled entertainment as well as truthful and responsible journalism, has now become the official website of the 501(c)3 HEROES’ HEARTS Inc. Together, we are working hard to fulfill the request from Pearl Harbor Survivor Marine, Sam Richiusa and his wife Mae to “Do Something Good” with the trademark and brand of Linking Hearts. This trademarked brand demonstrates that heroes are anyone and everyone who dedicate themselves to one another, and those who we call heroes are never acting out of selfishness. The two-hearts beating as one symbolizes not only how wartime heroes think, but represent all fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and any human relationship where people show their concern for another by “doing something good.”

To that end, the non-profit, tax exempt corporation has been formed to not only tell the story of the creation of the original Heroes’ Hearts bracelet, but to expand our efforts in support the mission: Helping Heroes, one good deed at a time.

On our current agenda is 1) the partnering with PTSD afflicted, through accredited educational institutions or representative programs to manufacturing, market and promote exact replica bracelets and 2) other media and non-media projects which will reinforce our primary objective: 3) ending prejudice and discrimination.

A cornerstone project, the documentary Pieces of Aloha will begin production at the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor as we bring the original bracelet back to Oahu to participate in several historic events. We need your help. All donations are tax deductible through our PayPal Account ( or can be mailed to: Heroes’ Hearts, 607 Sunrise Drive, Dayton NV 89403. For investors under the 181 tax advantage section of the IRS Codes, we can offer 100% tax write off until the end of 2016. Contact producers of the documentary for more information.

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