Heroes’ Hearts© Pearl Harbor Survivor Interview

This video is a first-person account by Sam Richiusa, a Pearl Harbor Survivor. Sam is a marine and he gives us a detailed account of the start of WWII, and his actions and motivations during and after the attack. This is exclusive content of Five Birds Productions created for L&L Magazine. https://youtu.be/7uR7JkWrCd0 To comment on […]

I LIKE MIKE Marino for President

After an overwhelming grassroots cry for help, Comedian Mike Marino has decided to heed the call, run for president of The United States of America, and “straighten things out.” If elected he promises to devote…two or three months of his life to making America a better place. In this interview by L&L Magazine correspondents and […]

Bifocal Review: The Hateful Eight

Bifocal Reviews: The Hateful Eight by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR): It took way too long to get The Hateful 8 started. Like so many films this year, much of what made it to the screen should have spent more time on the cutting room floor. If I was laying in bed, resting, I […]

Bifocal Review: Trainwreck

Trainwreck Bifocal Review by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR): I found this film funny. However, it was too crude, too raw for my tastes. Amy is funny to me, has a great, quick delivery without always having to go to the same well for every punch line. I love the fact that she’s […]

Bifocal Review: Academy Awards Predictions

Bifocal Reviews: Academy Awards Predictions Ageless1der Barbara Rich and The Other Guy give their BIFOCALS Review for the Academy Awards prediction for the 2016. Gordon RichiusaGordon Richiusa is an Italian American who has been a martial artist for some 50 years. He teaches the Five Bird System. Gordon earned a Master of Arts degree in […]

Bifocal Reviews

Bifocal Reviews by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy On a scale of one to four binoculars, Barbara Rich, a sizzling, seventy-something senior known as Ageless1der to those who know her, offers her film reviews and reviews about everything “entertainment” with her husband and writing partner known as The Other Guy. Because, let’s face […]

Bifocal Review: Concussion

Concussion Bifocal Review by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR) I’m a big football fan and CONCUSSION upset me. When I realized one of my most treasured pastimes is enjoyed at the expense of the players who may possibly suffer serious brain injury. The performances were all excellent, but for me the most outstanding performances were […]

Bifocal Review: The Big Short

The Big Short Bifocal Review by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR) I will be as brief, and polite, as possible with my review of THE BIG SHORT. I have never seen a movie I liked less. I have walked out of movies that I liked more. I would like to apologize to all […]

Bifocal Review: The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl: Bifocal Reviews by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR): My initial reaction to The Danish Girl was that it was too long. After getting past the barbaric and primitive way that transgender people were viewed in this time period, it reminded me of Benedict Cumberbatch and his plight as a homosexual […]

Bifocal Review: Steve Jobs (2015)

Steve Jobs (2015) (BR): Technology is not my first choice for movie material. In spite of that, I was thoroughly drawn into Steve Jobs (2015) because of the performances that expressed how important a human characteristic it is to have creative vision. For, as a story or as a biography, what we learn from Steve Jobs […]