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Gordon RichiusaGordon Richiusa
Producer, Contributor, Writer Owner of Story and Copyrights
603 G Avenida Sevilla
Laguna Woods, CA 92637
email: grichiusa@gmail.com

Project(s) Under Consideration: PIECES OF ALOHA® / Heroes’ Hearts©

Gordon Richiusa is a Sicilian American educator and media specialist, owner of Five Birds Industries (which includes Five Birds Martial Arts, Productions Publications) and a member of The International Federation of Journalists.

Gordon holds rank in several martial arts forms and is a member of three martial arts halls of fame, including the Masters Hall of Fame, Legends Hall of Fame, and USA Blackbelt Hall of Heroes (Master in English, teacher of scriptwriting, PhD from the University of Asian Martial Arts, for his dissertation now published under the title: The Five Principles of Everything–see media page at www.fivebirdsmedia.blogspot.com for a more complete list of works).

Pertinent multimedia highlights :(1) Vision/Revision, (originally written for Apple Corporation, www.vision-revision.pbwiki.com) includes video series: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. (2) L&L Magazine (www.landlmagazine.com), (3) SANDS OF TIME RACERS, (4) BIFOCALS (Adventures in Entertainment, broadcast on cable in several U.S. states, including currently on Channel 6 Laguna Woods, weekly and on L&L Magazine), (5) PEARL HARBOR ECHOES (L.A. Daily News, 60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack), (6) LESSONS FROM A PEARL HARBOR SURVIVOR (from the video taped interview with Sam Richiusa at the 60 Anniversary viewable on front page of L&L Magazine).

*Other works: Research/writer, ABC NEWS SPECIAL, Let The Buyer Beware, Larry Price– Newscaster, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1980, multiple stories Daily News, L.A. Times, L.A. Reader, L.A. Weekly, Boise Weekly, Arizona Magazine, Massage Magazine, HUSTLER MAGAZINE, Hunza Superior Health Recipes, Pacific Islander, Tales for the Trails, Destino Los Cabos, Home Magazine, Legends and Legacies (WorldWide Dojo.com), Blackbelt Magazine, Idaho Magazine, Guam Tribune, L&L Magazine, Halloween Awareness (Rico Rose Productions), This is Scouting (Rico Rose Productions, included comedy for Phyllis Diller, MC Tommy Lasorda).