John Lombardo Interview

Meet John Lombardo, the individual who made the Heroes’ Hearts© autocad program for creating the Heroes’ Hearts© bracelets. He discusses why he was willing to help with duplicating the Heroes’ Hearts© bracelet and the process in creating the dye for the bracelet. Gordon RichiusaGordon Richiusa is an Italian American who has been a martial artist […]

Ed Hoffman Interview

Meet Ed Hoffman the jewelry maker who handmade the prototype of the Heroes’ Hearts© bracelet. Ed’s personal path and story has affected the Heroes’ Hearts© bracelet direction and in this interview he shares with Michelle Manu about his life as an Auschwitz survivor and his immigration to America and his service to our country after […]

Heroes’ Hearts© Pearl Harbor Survivor Interview Transcript

Heroes’ Hearts Pearl Harbor Survivor Interview Transcript (Q)How well do you remember the morning of December 7, 1941? “It was just before my twenty-second birthday. I was twenty-one years old. On the 11th, I turned 22. [00:20 on Disk] (Q) How long had you been in the Marines? “I joined the Marines in 1939…October 2nd. […]

Heroes’ Hearts© Pearl Harbor Survivor Interview

This video is a first-person account by Sam Richiusa, a Pearl Harbor Survivor. Sam is a marine and he gives us a detailed account of the start of WWII, and his actions and motivations during and after the attack. This is exclusive content of Five Birds Productions created for L&L Magazine. To comment on […]