Laguna Quest: Martial Arts Legend Frank Dux Makes a Wish Come True

Dux Redux The award-winning “original ultimate fight champion” Frank Dux was portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme in the Belgian actor’s star-making turn in 1988’s Bloodsport, about underground fight-to-the-death tournaments in Asia. According to his bio at, “Dux’s fight stats credit him with 56 consecutive knockouts, the fastest knockout, and the most victories (over 300).” […]

Mike O’Connor’s Visit to Fenway Park

After the game was rained out, our own Mike O’Connor gave a play by play in the Press Box, announcing a previous game by memory. Anyone who knows Fenway can relate to how great an experience it was for Mike. “I got the chills when I stepped foot in Fenway,” he said Gordon RichiusaGordon Richiusa […]

The Return of The Archer

The Return of The Archer By Popular Demand: Archery is a unique endeavor. It is a sport (like most sports) based upon an original desire to turn our human-cleverness and fundamental body mechanics into a survival advantage. Archery has recently become a very popular sport due in part to movies like Brave and Hunger Games, and television […]

Mike’s Sports Book: 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015

Mike’s Sports Book: Mike O’Connor’s 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015 Looking back at my bold predictions for 2014, I see that two came to reality as Clayton Kershaw pitched his first no hitter and my prediction of a female assistant coach in one of the four majors sports came to fruition when Becky Hammond was hired […]

The Best Way to Travel

What is the Best Way to Travel Some people attribute almost a mystical value to the exercise of traveling from one place to another. Many of the world’s great ideas were born after a journey. Some modern companies have gone so far as to point out that a “destination” is not as important as the […]

The Best Way To Watch A Movie

The Best Way To Watch A Movie The best way to watch a movie? Recently, two monumental movie directors, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, revived a discussion about the future of movie watching in America (and worldwide). The prediction by Steven Spielberg is that, “there will be an imminent implosion in the movie industry.” Lucas […]

Mike’s Sports Book: Bold Predictions for 2014

Mike’s Sports Book: Mike O’Connor’s 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015 (sure to go wrong). There were some of the amazing sports stories of 2013 nobody could predict, and every year something unexpected happens. So, in the spirit of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future—also as stated on the banner of L&L Magazine—I’ve decided to buck […]

Basketball in the future?

Are their any new trends that will alter basketball in the future? (Q) Are their any new trends that will alter basketball in the future? (M) The newest trend in basketball that will alter basketball in the future is probably the globalization of the game. With all the European players (such as the Gasol brothers, the exciting […]

What sport burns calories?

What sport burns calories? (M) What sport burns calories? If you are talking about team sports, the answer is likely to be water polo, because you are continuously moving every part of your body AND you are in the water. My sources tell me that the nature of water is such that it burns calories, even […]

Steroid Use in Sports

Steroid Use in Sports (Q) Why does it matter if professional sports players use steroids? (M) Steroid use in sports ruins the integrity of the game and makes it impossible to compare players from the past with current players. This is not to forget that steroid use is also dangerous and unhealthy, and could have […]