Mike’s Sports Book: 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015


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Mike’s Sports Book: Mike O’Connor’s 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015

Looking back at my bold predictions for 2014, I see that two came to reality as Clayton Kershaw pitched his first no hitter and my prediction of a female assistant coach in one of the four majors sports came to fruition when Becky Hammond was hired as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs. I almost got a third prediction right when I said that a horse would win the triple crown of horse racing, but California Chrome did not make that happen. I also had some other wishful thinking that was in the ballpark, but nothing that came close or hit the mark. Some might say that ALL of my predictions are just wishes, but that is not the case, as you’ll see.

So, now it’s time for Mike’s Sports Book 10 bold sports predictions for 2015, and here we go:

1. Jordan Speith, a young golfing phenom on the PGA tour, will win a major this year.

2. Manager, Don Mattingly will be fired by the LA Dodgers.

3. A U.S. Women’s World Cup soccer team will win the World Cup and won’t allow a goal in the semi-final and final games.

4. Kevin Durant will become a Laker.

5. The San Antonio Spurs will win back-to-back titles and the coach Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan will retire.

6. Vin Scully will announce his retirement from the Dodgers broadcast booth after 66 years.

7. Adrian Peterson will return to the NFL, after much scrutiny, and lead the league in rushing.

8. Someone will threaten Joe Dimaggio’s 56 game hitting streak in MLB.

9. The Manny Pacquiao versus Mayweather fight finally will happen and Pacquiao will get knocked out and retire.

10. Finally, this last one is not really a prediction, because I don’t like to even think about loosing any great atheletes, but with all the deaths that I saw in the entertainment world this year, I started speculating about which sports figure’s demise would affect me the most. That person turned out to be The Greatest of All Time, Muhammed Ali. The reason that his passing would affect me the most, I realized is because, when he does pass away I’m not the only one who will be affected. The loss will be felt around the world and should result in one of the biggest funerals ever—not just of sports figures, but of any human being–with dignitaries from all over the world attending. We really should be more grateful for Muhammed Ali’s and our other heroes’ contributions to sports and to integrity and send them our best wishes, while we still have the chance to do so. So, thanks Champ, and Have a Happy 2015!

Before he was old enough to start public school, Mike O’Connor was reading the sports section to his father, every morning at the breakfast table. In fact, he cannot remember a time when he was not learning about, watching, digesting, or participating in team an/or individual sports. Consequently, Mike brain is filled with so many sports details, people have been getting his insights and asking his opinions for decades. Now, in this exclusive column for L&L Magazine, Mike O’Connor shares his vast, previously hidden,  knowledge found only in the pages of his mental Sports Book.