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Gordon Richiusa Producer, Contributor, Writer Owner of Story and Copyrights 603 G Avenida Sevilla Laguna Woods, CA 92637 949-206-0977 email: grichiusa@gmail.com Project(s) Under Consideration: PIECES OF ALOHA® / Heroes’ Hearts© Gordon Richiusa is a Sicilian American educator and media specialist, owner of Five Birds Industries (which includes Five Birds Martial Arts, Productions Publications) and a […]

Bifocal Reviews

Bifocal Reviews by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy On a scale of one to four binoculars, Barbara Rich, a sizzling, seventy-something senior known as Ageless1der to those who know her, offers her film reviews and reviews about everything “entertainment” with her husband and writing partner known as The Other Guy. Because, let’s face […]

Bifocal Review: Concussion

Concussion Bifocal Review by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR) I’m a big football fan and CONCUSSION upset me. When I realized one of my most treasured pastimes is enjoyed at the expense of the players who may possibly suffer serious brain injury. The performances were all excellent, but for me the most outstanding performances were […]

Bifocal Review: The Big Short

The Big Short Bifocal Review by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR) I will be as brief, and polite, as possible with my review of THE BIG SHORT. I have never seen a movie I liked less. I have walked out of movies that I liked more. I would like to apologize to all […]

Bifocal Review: The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl: Bifocal Reviews by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR): My initial reaction to The Danish Girl was that it was too long. After getting past the barbaric and primitive way that transgender people were viewed in this time period, it reminded me of Benedict Cumberbatch and his plight as a homosexual […]

Bifocal Review: The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything Bifocal Review by Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (B) I had been waiting anxiously to see this film. There is no single word that adequately describes Stephen Hawking. Terms and phrases like genius, or brilliant or one of kind fall short, and that would be WITHOUT the handicap! Combining this mental genius […]

Bifocal Review: The Drop

Bifocal Review: The Drop by “Ageless1der” Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR): I just wanted to get a break from the intense heat and cool down in the theater. I was pleasantly surprised. Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace are well cast in this film. Tom Hardy, especially impressed me with his quiet yet powerful delivery, very […]

Bifocal Review: And So It Goes

Bifocal Review: And So It Goes by Ageless1der Barbara Rich and The Other Guy (BR): And So It Goes was a senior version of When Harry Met Sally, only not as good. It was amusing and entertaining (to some degree) and very predictable. Other than being directed by Rob Reiner, and having Michael Douglas and Dianne Keaton […]

Bifocal Review: Jersey Boys The Movie

Bifocal Review: Jersey Boys The Movie (BR) I went into Jersey Boys The Movie, expecting to be disappointed because of the reviews I’d read. I feel very close to this story, because I grew up in the same neighborhood, at the same time. My brother was in a band, which Tommy Divito and Joe Pesci […]

Bifocal Review: The Other Woman

The Other Woman Bifocal Reviews by  Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR) I can make this brief. The Other Woman was totally a chick flick, a no-brainer that I saw with my daughter for a girls-night-out. It is not for the men-folk. In fact, there was only one man-folk in the theater at the time we watched this […]