Mike O’Connor’s Visit to Fenway Park

After the game was rained out, our own Mike O’Connor gave a play by play in the Press Box, announcing a previous game by memory. Anyone who knows Fenway can relate to how great an experience it was for Mike. “I got the chills when I stepped foot in Fenway,” he said Gordon RichiusaGordon Richiusa […]

Mike’s Sports Book: Bold Predictions for 2014

Mike’s Sports Book: Mike O’Connor’s 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015 (sure to go wrong). There were some of the amazing sports stories of 2013 nobody could predict, and every year something unexpected happens. So, in the spirit of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future—also as stated on the banner of L&L Magazine—I’ve decided to buck […]

Basketball in the future?

Are their any new trends that will alter basketball in the future? (Q) Are their any new trends that will alter basketball in the future? (M) The newest trend in basketball that will alter basketball in the future is probably the globalization of the game. With all the European players (such as the Gasol brothers, the exciting […]

What sport burns calories?

What sport burns calories? (M) What sport burns calories? If you are talking about team sports, the answer is likely to be water polo, because you are continuously moving every part of your body AND you are in the water. My sources tell me that the nature of water is such that it burns calories, even […]

Steroid Use in Sports

Steroid Use in Sports (Q) Why does it matter if professional sports players use steroids? (M) Steroid use in sports ruins the integrity of the game and makes it impossible to compare players from the past with current players. This is not to forget that steroid use is also dangerous and unhealthy, and could have […]

Why is a Quarterback called a Quarterback

(Q) Why do they call the guy who receives the ball in football, the quarterback? (M) Good question! According to my research, the answer may be as simple as he is a quarter of the way back from the line of scrimmage behind the center. The game of American football is, however, based upon rugby, […]

Mike’s Sports Book: Understanding Fantasy Football

Understanding Fantasy Football is necessary for family of Fantasy Leagues Hey Mike, I’m a big Packer fan, but I just don’t get what my husband is thinking when he starts drafting players for his fantasy league. During the season, when we are looking at the same television screen (and we both love Green Bay) he […]

Mike’s Sports Book: What is the hardest sport to master?

Just One Question: What is the hardest sport to master? Dear Mike, What is the hardest sport to master? –Just looking for your opinion Dear Just Looking, The hardest sport to master is swimming. For something you learn as a small child, it requires perfect technique and stamina to compete at today’s high level of competition. […]

Mike’s Sports Book with Mike O’Connor

Mike’s Sports Book with Mike O’Connor will answer your sports questions: Before he was old enough to start public school, Mike O’Connor was reading the sports section to his father, every morning at the breakfast table. In fact, he cannot remember a time when he was not learning about, watching, digesting, or participating in team […]