Pearl Harbor Echos – Poignancy Added to Anniversary

Los Angeles Daily News, December 2001 OAHU, Hawaii WHAT a difference 60 years makes, or does it? Friday marked the 60th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the “date that will live in infamy,” which brought America into World War II. This event was commemorated by the release of blockbuster movies, a flurry […]

Heroes’ Hearts© Pearl Harbor Survivor Interview Transcript

Heroes’ Hearts Pearl Harbor Survivor Interview Transcript (Q)How well do you remember the morning of December 7, 1941? “It was just before my twenty-second birthday. I was twenty-one years old. On the 11th, I turned 22. [00:20 on Disk] (Q) How long had you been in the Marines? “I joined the Marines in 1939…October 2nd. […]

Heroes’ Hearts© Pearl Harbor Survivor Interview

This video is a first-person account by Sam Richiusa, a Pearl Harbor Survivor. Sam is a marine and he gives us a detailed account of the start of WWII, and his actions and motivations during and after the attack. This is exclusive content of Five Birds Productions created for L&L Magazine. To comment on […]